How to Combine CBD With Exercise to Cope With Stress - DreamGrass

How to Combine CBD With Exercise to Cope With Stress - DreamGrass

Individuals work out to surpass their physical limits. Most of these individuals will look for anything to boost their capabilities. Muscles tear out before they can grow again. This means a healing process is always needed.

Cannabidiol (CBD) which is the main non-psychoactive naturally occurring phytocannabinoid in the cannabis plant has been found to help out. Many professional athletes have touted the benefits that come as a result of using CBD.

The World Health Organization ranks stress sixth as a single condition leading to disabilities across the globe. Many combat stress by engaging in physical exercise. CBD on the other hand has properties that help reduce stress. Exercises and CBD can therefore be combined to reduce stress.

Relationship Between CBD, Exercise, and Stress

After a challenging and rigorous exercise, a proper recovery process is as important as the exercise itself. A lot happens to the body depending on the type of exercise. Weight training tears muscles before they can begin to grow again while endurance exercise depletes muscle glycogen. Whichever the method you choose to train, at the end of the day our bodies will need adequate rest. During the testing period, the body tries to recuperate from the physical strains. Research shows that CBD helps during recovery in several ways.

CBD is mainly used to reduce stress which greatly compromises the recovery process and other body functions. Stress speeds the production of Cortisol. High levels of this hormone slow down the recovery process. CBD is the best remedy as it lowers the cortisol hormone in the blood. You however need to get pure CBD from a source like DreamGrass.

Apart from using CBD to reduce and balance stress hormones, quality sleep also helps. But funny enough this revolves around back to CBD. Getting peaceful and healthy sleep is sometimes a problem especially after working out or after having a tiresome day.

When experiencing Insomnia, stress goes up. CBD is also used to help gain sleep by interacting with neurotransmitters like adenosine.  It provides restorative sleep thus benefiting post-exercise recovery.


CBD, exercise, and stress relate more scientifically. Above is just an overview of how the three relate. CBD has important antidepressant properties that help reduce stress and anxiety. Stress is what later leads to depression.

It is important to note that the quality of CBD you consume determines the results you get. DreamGrass works around the clock to offer high-quality CBD products and in various forms.

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