Finding Best CBD Products in Colorado - Wendetta

Finding Best CBD Products in Colorado - Wendetta

Colorado is one of the states doing great in terms of CBD legalization. In the year 2000, the state legalized medical marijuana. These are two decades of progressive legalization with many dispensaries now open.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a psychoactive compound that can be obtained from either Marijuana or Hemp. CBD from Marijuana is said to have less of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive compound. This has fuelled a debate about the state’s stance against industrial hemp and related products.

There are legit sources where you can obtain your CBD from and there are also other fake sources. Wendetta is one of the reliable sources with legit CBD products.

How to Choose a CBD Product

If you don't have background information about the product you are looking for, there are chances of you choosing a counterfeit one. Below are guidelines for choosing a CBD Product in Colorado.

Extraction Method

Method(s) used to extract CBD from a cannabis plant vary. The cannabis industry is not properly regulated subjecting CBD users to harmful chemicals. Most companies use cheap and harmful solvents to save on production costs.

Most of these companies that sell their products at extremely low prices use these kinds of methods to make huge profits. Hydrocarbons such as butane and pentane are commonly used solvents.

Other companies like Wendetta use ethanol-based extraction methods. This is regarded as one of the safest methods of CBD extraction. Before you purchase a CBD product, check out the method of extraction used.

Source of CBD

The quality of any product is determined by its source. CBD can be obtained from either Hemp or Marijuana. Hemp is what to watch here since it is a hyperaccumulator. This means that it easily absorbs nutrients from the soil where it is grown.

When such a plant is grown in soil rich in heavy metals, then the resulting CBD from the same plant will have the metals. Check where the manufacturer purchases hemp from before choosing their products.

Third-party Lab Results

After production, the quality assurance team of a company has to check on the quality of the product. This is done before the products are released to the market for consumption. Third-party Lab testing should also be done after the products pass the initial stage of lab testing.

A third-party Lab is one apart from used in the company. This lab is used to confirm the results obtained in the company's lab. A reliable company provides this information on product labels. Wendetta is one of those companies that provide third-party Lab results in all their products. 

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